IT and Maintenance Engineer

IT Department
Full Time


Computers and IT equipments management, game server deployment and monitoring


  • Work on the installation, networking, maintenance, overhaul, recycling and etc of the company's personal computers, switches, routers, servers, telephones, printers, projectors and other equipment.

  • Contact with the suppliers and operators, ensuring the stable operation of the company's equipment.

  • Deploy, startup, monitor and maintain the game server on the cloud, ensuring the stable operation of the game server and the security of the game data.

Job Requirements

  • Proficient in installation, configuration and maintenance of Linux system and common software, proficient in VIM.

  • Proficient in MySQL database installation and configuration.

  • Proficient in Jenkins and other software which for batch releasing.

  • Capable of network construction, management and maintenance of mainstream network interconnection equipment (switches, routers and firewalls).

  • Proficient in building VPN.

  • College degree or above, majoring in computer information.

  • More than 3 years working experience.

  • Have a strong sense of dedication to the job and responsibility, work seriously and responsibly.

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